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February 13 - Dive Sign Up for Emerald Charters Dive

February 28 - Crab Claw Festival at Lakes Park

March 12 - Masquerade Dinner

March 28 - Emerald Charters Jupiter Dive

April 4 - Club Softball Game

May 9th & 10th - Keys Kickoff Dive

June 13th & 14th - Key Largo Fluoro Dive

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I know this event has passed.  It was a great meeting by a fantastic speaker.

I have left this on our homepage for a short time for everyone to visit Roberts site.

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Dawn King
about 4 hours ago
Not sure if I will make it to the crab claw festivities. Tummy troubles :(
about 4 hours ago
The website is getting a lot of activity. Many people have Joined as you all can see. I can't believe that Kevin is now a 'Blogger', who would have ever thought that would happen....and he tries to pretend to be so Techno-Challenged. Wanted to let everyone know you can enter comments and thoughts directly on the News Feed (Kevin, that's the section you're reading now). See a lot of pictures videos, but haven't seen many comments. Just need to type in the box at the top.
Donna Tribeck is now friend with Kevin Earle
about 13 hours ago
Ginny Pettinati is now friend with Gary Wood
about 17 hours ago

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Jerri Ritz commented the photo of Todd Welle
about 19 hours ago

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Jerri Ritz rated the photo of Todd Welle
about 19 hours ago
Cherri Wood is now friend with Ginny Pettinati
about 20 hours ago
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about 24 hours ago
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Diving It has been said that when you live in Florida, you don't really need a dive club. It is true that you can just take your boat into the Gulf or drive to the Keys or the East Coast and find a charter to take you diving. The benefits of a dive club are many. As a club, there are organized dive …
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Cape Coral, United States
146 days ago · From Gary Wood
Spearfishing Competition Each year the Caloosa Dive Club holds a Spearfishing Competition that begins in March and ends in September. The categories are designed to encourage beginners as well experienced spearfishermen to enter the contest. Prizes are awarded in separate categories and for the di…
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Cape Coral, United States
146 days ago · From Kevin Earle
Photography Competition Each year the Caloosa Dive Club holds an Underwater Photography Competition. The competition is a fun event that encompasses all levels of underwater photography and even one above water category that highlights club activities from the current year. Click the Photo Contest W…
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Cape Croal, United States
146 days ago · From Sandra Canning
** Our Social Functions are Addicting ** It's pretty obvious that Caloosa Dive Club's main focus is on Scuba Diving.  We are a Dive Club, that's what we do is Scuba Dive.  However, we are also a full blown Social Club.  We have many non-diving members, lovingly referred to as "Bubble Watchers". Thr…
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Cape Coral, United States
146 days ago · From David King
Keep Lee County Beautiful Caloosa Dive Club - Adopts Bunge Beach The primary objective of the countywide Adopt A Shore program is to change attitudes and behavior of the public toward littering Florida’s waterways and shorelines and protecting natural marine resources through the use of voluntee…
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Cape Coral, United States
146 days ago · From Donna Tribeck

Crab Claw is ready to roll.Do the   NO RAIN DANCE NOW.
Kevin Earle · 13 hours ago

I think the changes to the website are very positive, I hope that everyone will benefit from the hard work that has been done. All the webmasters who have spent their time, many many hours of it, over the years, do a great job with very little praise. The
Todd Welle · 3 days ago
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"It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top."

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