Current Dive Trip Sign-Ups

(812) 618-7047

Scalloping Trip - July 16

3 Tank Gulf Dives - July 29

July 6 - Club Meeting - 7 PM Social

July 7 - Dive Sign Up - Islamorada Dives - Aug 19-20

July 8 - Bunche Beach Clean-Up

July 13 - Spearfishing Fish Fry

July 16 - Crystal River Scalloping Trip

July 20 - Presentation Meeting

July 26-27 - Lobster Mini-Season

July 29 - 3 Tank Gulf Dive with Blue Water Explorers

August 3 - Club Meeting - 7 PM Social

September 9 - Parrot Head Pool Party

September 16 - Venice Shark Tooth Dive

Dive/Event Reports

We have a full boat! Six have signed up at this time.  If any others are still interested, the possibility exists of getting another boat.  Text me or Carmela if you are interested in going and haven't signed up yet.  We will both be in Bonaire starting th
John Muensterman 06.09.2017 0 21

The call-in for this years 3 tank Gulf Dive sponsored by Sandy Canning will begin June 16 at 10 AM. I will be in Bonaire at that time and my phone will be off, but you should still be able to leave a message. when I return to the States on the 17th, I'll t
John Muensterman 06.05.2017 0 50

The traditional Mother’s Day Kick-off Dive to Key Largo was a fun trip. Nine divers arrived at the Island Ventures pier located at Jules Undersea Lodge. The Island Venture, a comfortable Island Hopper that easily holds 12 divers was loaded up and headed ou
John Muensterman 05.17.2017 0 44
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