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Great Day for the Sharks tooth dive in Venice. Read about it in the Blog under the Dive Group.

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Jerri Ritz added a new photo Ready to dive
added 08/31/2015 09:38:01

Ready to dive

Venice Beach

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Jerri Ritz added a new photo Buds
added 08/31/2015 09:37:03


Venice Beach Shark Tooth Dive 8-29-15

Eric Miller joined
added 08/30/2015 19:34:13
Jerri Ritz is now friend with Ginny Pettinati
added 08/30/2015 09:16:32
David King
added 08/26/2015 18:45:36
Don't miss Donna's conversation with Mike Scott. The emails are posted with the Lee Sheriffs Office Divers story in our Forum Section.
David King
added 08/26/2015 18:45:02
Everyone, be sure to thank Donna Tribeck for arranging the guest speakers at Aug 20th meeting. If you missed it, you can read about it here: http://www.caloosadive.club/forum/#topic/Lee-County-Sheriff-s-Office-Divers.htm
Kevin Leary joined
added 08/24/2015 06:53:07
andrew straughn joined
added 08/23/2015 15:43:42
David King
added 08/14/2015 13:36:45
http://www.caloosadive.club/m/articles/view/Horses-Ass-Award This link will give you information about the Horses Ass Award and a link to submit your entries.

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John Muensterman added a new photo SamSheepdog
added 08/14/2015 11:06:18

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John Muensterman added a new photo IMG_0050
added 08/14/2015 11:05:17



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John Muensterman added a new photo DSC01401
added 08/14/2015 11:03:59


Christmas 2013

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John Muensterman added a new photo 327989
added 08/14/2015 10:59:08


On the "Tail of the Dragon"

John Muensterman
added 08/14/2015 09:54:47
About me (continued)

About this diving thing. As a kid Lloyd Bridges was my hero and I never missed an episode of 'Sea Hunt'. I never lost the urge to dive but the money or the opportunities never seemed to be there. Finding myself in Florida I said, 'Now or never!' All I want to do since my certification is get back in the water and see or try something new there.
John Muensterman
added 08/14/2015 09:51:07
Just a few words so you can get to know me and my interests. I retired from the Illinois State Police in 2004 after almost 26 and a half yrs of service with the rank of M/Sgt. During that time I taught crowd control at our academy and for the local training board for almost 20 yrs. I was a member of one of the first District tactical teams for our Department and after certification joined that training cadre as well until our Department went with full time teams. I love to shoot and competed with handguns in PPC style competitions. I also reload all of my own ammunition. After retirement I took up high power rifle competition and competed with a State Police team in the World Police and Fire Games where we took the Gold medal in service rifle as a team and I won the bronze as an individual in the Expert class. I love to fish (duh) and hunt with both bow and firearms. I taught Hunter Safety courses in Illinois for several years before moving to Florida.

Just prior to my retirement, my wife Cindy left her job as a Pediatric Nurse for a local Doctor when he relocated to a neighboring State. She started her own interior decorating business and ended up hooking up with a local paint and wallpaper store as a consultant. She bought into that business as a partner and we eventually bought the entire business. We worked that together until we sold it at the end of 2011. We sold paint, wall coverings, and all types of flooring. I even did custom picture framing for a few years.

We moved to Florida in October, 2013. My wife currently works part-time for the Lee Co. library at the NW branch. I work a couple of days a week servicing swimming pools for a local company to make some pocket money for toys (besides diving gear and trips, I also have a 71 El Camino, and like I said before.....guns) none of which are inexpensive.

More to follow :-)

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John Muensterman added a new photo IMG_0310
added 08/14/2015 09:31:23

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Ron Anderson added a new photo IMG_0359
added 08/13/2015 13:27:20


I am not the only predator out their

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Spearfishing Competition Each year the Caloosa Dive Club holds a Spearfishing Competition that begins in March and ends in September. The categories are designed to encourage beginners as well experienced spearfishermen to enter the contest. Prizes are awarded in separate categories and for the d…
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Cape Coral, United States
184 days ago · From Ron Anderson
Diving It has been said that when you live in Florida, you don't really need a dive club. It is true that you can just take your boat into the Gulf or drive to the Keys or the East Coast and find a charter to take you diving. The benefits of a dive club are many. As a club, there are organized dive …
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Cape Coral, United States
332 days ago · From Gary Wood
Photography Competition Each year the Caloosa Dive Club holds an Underwater Photography Competition. The competition is a fun event that encompasses all levels of underwater photography and even one above water category that highlights club activities from the current year. Click the Photo Contest W…
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Cape Coral, United States
332 days ago · From Sandra Canning
** Our Social Functions are Addicting **   It's pretty obvious that Caloosa Dive Club's main focus is on Scuba Diving.  We are a Dive Club, that's what we do is Scuba Dive.  However, we are also a full blown Social Club.  We have many non-diving members, lovingly referred to as "Bubble Watchers"…
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Cape Coral, United States
332 days ago · From David King
Keep Lee County Beautiful Caloosa Dive Club - Adopts Bunche Beach The primary objective of the countywide Adopt A Shore program is to change attitudes and behavior of the public toward littering Florida’s waterways and shorelines and protecting natural marine resources through the use of volunte…
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Cape Coral, United States
332 days ago · From Donna Tribeck

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BULL SHARK,  You should have been there. Yes it was a great weekend of diving for 11 Caloosas. Mark and Jeff had a Bull encounter along with everyone seeing a lot of Keys sea creatures. There were turtles, cudas, rays, nurse sharks, eels and oh yeah a few
Kevin Earle · 24 days ago

trying to put a trip together. .                                                                                                          Looking to leave Friday night 08-07-15 after work Dive sat & Sun. Going sw out of Fort Myers. By the Stony Point a
Ron Anderson · 28 days ago

Did a short notice trip to Lauderdale by the sea. Tues.did a late afternoon. dive on first reef. Swam out about 60 yards and found good reef structure with some tropical fish life, tarpon, urchins etc. Fairly strong current so we skipped the night dive. We
Kevin Earle · 34 days ago
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