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May 26 - Naples Artificial Reef Dive

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First. Hope all you Mothers had a great day. This weekend a group of Caloosas including 4 mothers went diving with Island Ventures in Key Largo. We got lucky and were able to squeeze all scheduled dives between storms. Seas were not flat but not rough so w
Kevin Earle 13 days ago 0 16

Four of us with more adventuresome attitude than brains ventured forth Saturday the 14th of May for a three tank dip in the Atlantic with it's most famous toothy denizens. Steered by two brave and knowledgeable dive guides, the four of us were given an up
John Muensterman 04.15.2018 0 46

Anyone interested in diving the Bridge Wed the 6th or Friday the 8th? The conditions have been improving there recently. The high tides are around 10 AM on Wed and 11 AM on Friday.  Just give me a call.  The weekend would be OK also. I'm also interested in
John Muensterman 12.04.2017 0 177
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