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Bug Hunting!

!0 members of the Caloosa Dive Club ventured to Pompano and South Florida Diving HQ Aug 11,12 to chase pretty pictures and future fine dining entrees. Sea conditions were great with almost flat seas, decent vis, and mild current. Saturday Afternoons Dives were conducted on Pompanos third reef, a little farther south than usual because of all the other boats out in the area.  Vis was about 30-40 and bottom temp was a balmy 85 deg.  Ran across a couple of bugs together out in the open almost right away. Nabbed both. One was a keeper and the other was big enough, but an egger.  Ended up with two more keepers that dive.

Skys darkened, rain threatened and temps dropped before the second dive. It felt good to get back in the water after our surface interval. Second dive was a bust for me only in the fact I got no keepers. Reefs were pretty and there was lots of life otherwise. 

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and seas were even flatter than on Saturday.  Vis was even better, maybe 50 or so and water seemed clearer with less particulates floating about. Lots of light reached the bottom even at 50 ft of depth.  Saw lots of critters on my two dives and got two more keepers.  Barry D. had some ear problems overnight so he sat out Sunday.  His two dive buddies Carmella D and Jerri R joined Terry W and I so now I had a posse to help looking for those spiny critters, and I tell you they did an awesome job.  

South Florida Diving HQ did a great job, I always enjoy diving with them, especially on their small boat.

John Muensterman 08.17.2018 0 367
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