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Great Day to be underwater!

Thanks to the Cannings for  organizing the last dive (the first Gulf Dive that hasn't been cancelled since I've been a member). Seas were fairly calm and got even calmer by the second dive. Overcast on the trip out to our first spot but the sun finally broke through and gave us a little rainbow to appreciate. Dove a man made reef, a rubble pile of beams and large culverts that were dumped called M16. Vis was a bit milky but lots of life on this site, some of the things spotted were nurse shark, snook, southern rays, spotted eagle rays, and lots of snapper and grouper.

Second spot was a ledge. Not a lot of height but still lots of life.  Goliath Grouper, red gouper, soapfish, lots of urchins, anemone, big arrow crabs. Again the vis was milky with lots of particulates and seaweed floating about. Water was about 88 at the surface and changed to 84 at 30 ft.  

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Pictures were attempted and probably some good shots taken. Trip back was uneventful until we neared land and a thunderstorm was brewing. It was thundering and lightening pretty good by the time we passed the jetty. When we docked they told us to run for cover until the rain passed and we waited it out then got our gear and 9 of us left for lunch at Capt. Eddy's (good eats).

We dove off the Hammerhead out of Venice and the crew was great. Divemaster gave an excellent briefing and everyone got off and back on the boat smoothly. 

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