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Mothers Day Dive Report, May 13-14, 2017

The traditional Mother’s Day Kick-off Dive to Key Largo was a fun trip. Nine divers arrived at the Island Ventures pier located at Jules Undersea Lodge. The Island Venture, a comfortable Island Hopper that easily holds 12 divers was loaded up and headed out to our first dive site at Molasses Reef. We can’t remember the location of the first dive but it was a good spot with sand channels and a promise of possible shark & ray sightings. Several divers saw what was identified as a Reef Shark that cruised the area. The wind was blowing at 17 knots and the seas were just slightly fluffy. There was a slight current but nothing remarkable. For the second dive we moved to the “Hole in the Wall” and the “Winch Hole” The water temperature was 79 degrees and the visibility was pretty good – don’t ask me to estimate but we could see everything we wanted to see and found the boat when we needed to. We arrived back at the dock early enough to get our gear rinsed and stored and everyone headed off to dinner. The sleeping arrangements were scattered with some staying at a houseboat (I didn’t see it but I swear that is what Charlie told me), some at the Bayside and a couple at the Key West Suites. I don’t know where everyone had dinner but we enjoyed the sunset at the Snooks Bayside & Grand Tiki. The bar tender had arrived from Maryland just two weeks ago and was generous with servings!

Sunday morning arrived way too early, as it always does, but we all made it to the boat by 8:00 and were headed out by 8:30. We seem to be a fairly organized group. The wind was still at 15 knots but it was slightly calmer. We had no current and the waves weren’t too bad. It was easy on and off the boat and the Island Ventures crew is great at helping everyone get into and out of the water. Our first dive site was Mike’s Wreck now known as the Hannah M. Bell on Elbow Reef. We love Mike’s Wreck because it has such interesting structure and lots of sea life around it. The water temperature was still 79 and we are now officially “dive wimps” and found a 3 ml. suit was just not enough. Others on the boat were in dive skins and perfectly happy. The second location, nearby, was the City of Washington. The City of Washington is always a good dive and Don Burns reported that it was an awesome dive. Everyone seemed to have a great trip. The diving was good and we are guessing that everyone will have some photos for the upcoming photo contest.

The Lobsters know it is protected and not in season.


The Mother’s Day Dive trip is always a fun trip, at least when the weather cooperates. Island Ventures advertises as “No Stress Diving” and it is the truth. For those who remember Ann Stadler & Roxy , we enjoyed a brief visit from them while we loaded the boat.


The group included: John Muensterman, Dave & Laurie Polfus, Charlie Coleman, Don Burns, Terri Wells, Carlos Acosta, Gary & Cherri Wood

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