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Lobster Dive

Sunday August 6 started a little breezy with SE winds 10-15, seas  3-4 but a group of CDC bug hunters went to sea in search of grillable critters.

The total count of lobster found was impressive. Each dive had bug encounters with some holes holding multiple bugs. Lots of bugs, short and in a family way.

Some did actually come aboard for dinner and will be tasty with butter and garlic.

Even with out bugs the diving was great. Viz was good on the second and third reef with lots of fish activity. Those who took a break from buggin and looked around saw

turtles, a shark and plenty of tropical. Someone unnamed even caught a butterfly fish in his net saying didn't everyone net butterflys.   

The crew from South Florida Diving Headquarters did a great job keeping the trip fun and safe. Everyone back with all fingers and toes still attached and feeling like the seas had been conquered. Good times. Thanks to all who participated including guest divers who added a lot of fun to the trip.

Full report at the mixed grill. Go Diving.




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