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Mothers Day Dive Weekend

First. Hope all you Mothers had a great day. This weekend a group of Caloosas including 4 mothers went diving with Island Ventures in Key Largo. We got lucky and were able to squeeze all scheduled dives between storms. Seas were not flat but not rough so were workable. Viz was good but but a little dark due to cloud cover. Water temps ranged from 75 to 78 depending on whose computer you checked. Dove the Benwood and French reef one day then Molasses the next. At least I think this is correct since I don't really listen. Critters ranged from usual reef fish to lobster, crabs , turtles and sting rays. A lost cannon was found by Lynnanne  after the dive master told her where to look. Fun was had by everyone. Thanks Gary and Cherrie for organizing the weekend.     

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