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Reminder for the lobster hunters this coming weekend

Just a friendly reminder that each individual lobster hunter will need a current Florida Saltwater fishing license and valid lobster permit to be able to take Lobster this coming weekend.  You will also need a tickle stick or snare, possibly a catch net, and a bag or container of some sort to keep the spiny critters.  Gloves with a sturdy palm surface are a must, since the shells are quite spiny and sharp.  One also needs the appropriate measuring device to make sure the catch is not undersized.  Remember to check for eggs under the tail too, and release all the preggo girlies.  We'll double check the catch on the surface to make sure we're all legal. Good luck to us all! Ready the clarified butter, we're all bringing home some LOBSTAH!

John Muensterman

John Muensterman 07.30.2017 0 334
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John Muensterman
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