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Sharks! Sharks, and more Sharks!

Four of us with more adventuresome attitude than brains ventured forth Saturday the 14th of May for a three tank dip in the Atlantic with it's most famous toothy denizens. Steered by two brave and knowledgeable dive guides, the four of us were given an up close and personal look of these critters.  First spot had tons of female lemons that followed you around like a pack of puppies. It was unnerving at first to have several at a time bumping and rubbing past you. 

Second dip was in a different location where we all sat along the rail of a submerged small tug. Here we were mere feet (2-10) from the action where the guides fed a 8-9 ft juvenile tiger shark they had named Patrick. He gave us many photo ops.  The pack of lemons that were here were mostly males. We did a third dive at the same site and had the same group of lemons, the tiger, and later had a swim-by by a nice hammerhead. There was also a bull shark that stayed back at the fringes of the action. There were also several Goliath groupers at each location with one extremely large specimen on the latter site.  

All I can say is you missed a great opportunity. Try not to miss it next year because we are going back!

John Muensterman 04.15.2018 0 291
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