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April 5 - Key Largo Dives on 5/11 - 5/12

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April 25 - Dust Off Dive @ Scubavice - 6-8PM

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May 9 - Cajun Dinner

May 11-12 - Mother's Day Key Largo Dive

May 16 - Presentation Meeting

May 25 - Venice Beach Picnic and Water Fun


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Yesterdays meeting, Aug 16, had a treat in that the Canning's had an extensive slide and video presentation of their Indonesian live aboard trip last year.  Always a treat for the eyes and a great learning experience for those of us not likely to take a tr
John Muensterman 08.17.2018 0 124

!0 members of the Caloosa Dive Club ventured to Pompano and South Florida Diving HQ Aug 11,12 to chase pretty pictures and future fine dining entrees. Sea conditions were great with almost flat seas, decent vis, and mild current. Saturday Afternoons Dives
John Muensterman 08.17.2018 0 148

Thanks to the Cannings for  organizing the last dive (the first Gulf Dive that hasn't been cancelled since I've been a member). Seas were fairly calm and got even calmer by the second dive. Overcast on the trip out to our first spot but the sun finally bro
John Muensterman 06.25.2018 0 203
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