Horses Ass Award

Each year we search long and hard for the most deserving recipient of our famed "Horses Ass Award". During the year, members are asked to tell stories about the most noteworthy antics of fellow divers. By the time of the Annual Banquet a good collection of stories have arrived and members have voted on their favorite to receive this prestigious award.

Forms for voting are available at meetings or you can send suggestions by mail or e-mail. 


Past Recipients:

Horses Ass winners
2018 Jeff Kader - Done to Lauderdale for midnight buggin and bought half full tanks
2017 Sandy Canning  -      
2016  name  -      
2015  name  -       
2014   Kevin Earle  - Battle with a shark over a stringer dislocated his finger

2013    A.J. Wolf  -  Went to 130 feet & ran out of air had to buddy breathe w/Ron Anderson

2012   Charlie Coleman -  Went to 180 feet on 33% nitrox & lost his spear gun

2011   Ron Anderson  - Dove deep in Dry suit w/o his inflator connected causing a squeeze  & blood soaked circle in middle of chest

2010  Frank Panhuise  - Dove to 171'' on 32% nitrox & not hearing alarms going off

2009  Brian Chouiniere  - Entered in spear fishing contest neglected to weigh his fish, fillet the fish, which would have won him 1st place & $100.

2008  Charlie Coleman  - Parked his truck right next to a sign TOW AWAY ZONE went diving when returned his truck was towed away costing Hundreds of dollars

2007 Brinda Swadner  - Found an empty shell put in wet suit between breasts.  The shell contained a small octopus which bit her on the breast a few times.
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