Procedure for Reimbursement Request Form


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1. Each member requesting a reimbursement for item(s) approved by the Dinner/Event Coordinator must fill out a Reimbursement Request Form. This form should include details on the items purchased and amounts, and receipts should be attached. The member submits the Form to the Dinner/Event Coordinator.

2. The Dinner/Event Coordinator must approve all Reimbursement Requests and sign off where indicated

3. When the Dinner/ Event Coordinator has all of the Reimbursement Requests for the Dinner/Event gathered and signed, the Dinner/Event Coordinator submits them to the Treasurer at one time.

4. The Treasurer will write the reimbursement checks and give them to the Event Coordinator and/or the members.

Notes: This procedure allows the Dinner/Event Coordinator to keep track of all expenses and simplifies the system for the Treasurer. These reimbursements are expenses deducted from the income of the particular Dinner/Event.

Soda, paper goods and/or any non-event item

1. The member asked to purchase goods will fill out a Reimbursement Request Form.

2. The Form will be given to an Officer for approval and signature.

3. The Officer will submit the form to the Treasurer.

4. The Treasurer will write the check and give to the member.


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