Rules for Access and Use of the Caloosa Dive Club Website



The Caloosa Dive Club Website was developed for the following purposes:

1.       To provide an interactive on-line presence for Caloosa Dive Club members.

2.       To provide an on-line resource for all Scuba Divers.

3.       To promote the sport of Scuba Diving.

4.       To give non club members an insight to the benefits of membership with the Caloosa Dive Club.


Joining the Caloosa Dive Club Website:

Anyone can Join the Caloosa Dive Club Website.  Being a member of the Caloosa Dive Club Website DOES NOT make you a member of the Caloosa Dive Club.  Being a member of the Caloosa Dive Club does not automatically make you a member of the website.  Both the Club and the Website has its own separate, individual procedures for membership. 


To become a member of the Website you must:

1.       Click on the JOIN button and submit the electronic form.


To become a member of the Caloosa Dive Club, you must:

 1.       Come to 3 meetings in a 90-day period.

 2.       Submit a membership form.

 3.       Get voted in by the general membership of active members at a regular meeting.

 4.       Pay your annual dues.


Members Only Access:

The Caloosa Dive Club Website has a very extensive private section that is not available to the general public.  This section is available ONLY to Caloosa Dive Club Members.  Therefore, any reference to Members Only will mean Caloosa Dive Club Members, not website members.  Our Members Only sections contain personal information about our members and club activities that could jeopardize the safety and privacy of our members.

Members of the Caloosa Dive Club who have been granted access to the Member Only sections of the website, agree not to reveal or release any of the information reserved for Members Only and Club Use Only.  Any release or compromise of this information can result in loss of Members Only privileges on the Caloosa Dive Club website.


Posting and Uploading on the Caloosa Dive Club Website:

Posts and uploads to the website should support the purposes listed in the first paragraph above.

Any post or uploads that fall into one of the following categories will be deleted from the website by a member of our staff:

1.       Political in nature, or promoting political views.

2.       Religious in nature, or promoting a religious agenda or view.

3.       Vulgar, profane, pornographic, or otherwise violating the limits of good taste.

4.       Does not promote the sport of scuba diving, the Caloosa Dive Club or its activities, or otherwise offers no interest to the Caloosa Dive Club members in general.  Such as:

 a.       Non-diving/non-club related vacation pictures and videos.

 b.      Non-diving/non-club related family, friends and holiday pictures and videos.

 c.       Any personal photos and videos of non-diving and non-club related activities.

 5.       Any posts or uploads that would bring embarrassment to the Caloosa Dive Club, its Officers, or any of its members.


Kevin Earle


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