The Caloosa Dive Club has chugged right thru January and is heading towards February blizzards here in Florida. The club confronted January head on with a Chili Cookoff hosted by Barry and Carmela. Thank you for hosting. While many entries contained beans and might not have been chili we did still have winners as follows:

                                             First                   Bob Miller

                                             Second               Jim Elkins

                                             Third                  Tanya Arnold

                                              Peoples Choice   Jim Elkins

Thank you to all who made Chili, Judged the contest and attended.

Our presentation meeting was led by Rich Arnold who did such a great job that he should be president going forward. LOL. Our speaker was Bob Fugua who brought insight about fossil diving and geology of the Venice area.

We concluded a busy January by visiting the Florida Aquarium in Tampa including a back stage tour of the facility. We learned about their coral research program, watched some yummy poagie dishes being prepared, visited the exhibits and had a great day. Thanks to Al and Jerri for hosting this event.

Looking forward to February we will have a busy business meeting on Feb 1. We need to discuss the Card Board Boat races, finalize plans for Eco Park clean up on Feb. 17, complete sign up for Crab Claw as Seafood order is placed on Feb 02. Please make plans to attend so we have your input.

Feb 10 is Crab Claw at Lakes Park. We will eat , play games and enjoy another great day in the park. Please sign up if you haven't already so we know how much seafood to purchase. If you don't want seafood we have a  grilled chicken filet option just for you. Please plan on attending this club signature event hosted by Ron Anderson.

February 15 will be a presentation event where Ken Follman will discuss his unique approach to fossil hunting. Ken hunts in small tributary creeks and finds a great variety of fossils. The club has scheduled an outing with Ken on March 3. We will have a call in this Friday Feb. 02 to reserve a spot. Call 1-812-618-7047 at 10:00 AM and clearly leave your name. We will confirm your reservation over the week end. Details are on the website.

Feb 17 we will clean up debris at the Eco Park in Cape Coral for the first time. This is a large area and we need to have a good turn out. The clean up includes some areas by kayak and some areas by foot and of course we will have snacks. Please make plans to spend a few hours on this project.

Important note there is no meeting scheduled for Thursday Feb. 08 but at the business meeting we will discuss possibly meeting at a local establishment for dinner.

I think that more or less covers it. Have a good week and see you on Thursday.


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