November News Letter Caloosa Dive Club

October was a month of planning and new beginnings for the Caloosa Dive Club. We started a new business year with a new slate of officers in place. First order of business was planning the 2018 dive and event calendar. I would like to thank everyone who attended and volunteered to host or help with an event. I will send out a full schedule in a few days. Club calendars with full details are being printed. See Sandy to place an order.

We held our annual awards banquet on October 20 at Anthonys On The Boulevard. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and recognized a host of club award winners. A short version of the club historical project was presented along with a Friends and Family video produced by Jeff Kader.

Amazingly the Caloosa Dive Club is approaching 50 years of activity. Not many enterprises reach 50 years and especially not ones originating in dark bar rooms in Cape Coral. Especially since back then there were not many bars to choose from. Yet here we are still promoting diving, serving community and making new friends. Also incredible we still have founding members active in the club. Jim Hall and Dick and Mae Jones were in attendance. Thanks you folks for what you created many years ago.

Award winners                                         Arcuni Award                  Marcia Mahood

                                                              Presidents Award            Kevin Earle

                                                              Horses Ass award            Sandy Canning

                                                              Suckers award                Kevin Earle               

                                                              Best in show Photo          Sandy Canning

                                                              Top Shooter/lion fish       Ron Anderson

Thanks to all who attended and helped plan the banquet.

November 2 is our business meeting. We are holding nominations for secretary, will have a green committee update and move towards very quickly wrapping up 2017.

November 4 wade Parsons canoe trip on the Peace River. Sign up quickly to eat , fossil, paddle and have a day in the Great Outdoors.

November 9 Ham dinner What will we have at the Ham Dinner. Ham. Sign up so we have a good count of attendees.

November 16 Tail gate meeting. Note meeting regular meeting time 7:00 social and bring something to share. Club will provide fire hot dogs and Chili. Donna brings the someores.

December 2 Christmas Party. Flyer went out yesterday.

December 7 Final meeting of 2017.

Please sign up for events on the website, at a meeting or email me at

Dues is Due. Thanks to all who have paid and those running behind please send your dues to the po box or pay at a meeting. Dues pays the clubs operating expenses such as rent, insurance supplies. Thanks for your support.

That’s about it. See you at the next meeting where you can let the club President know what he forgot.


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