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Caloosa Dive Club Spearfishing Contest


Caloosa Dive Club was founded on Spearfishing.

Spearfishing Competition

Each year the Caloosa Dive Club holds a Spearfishing Competition that begins in March and ends in September.

The categories are designed to encourage beginners as well experienced spearfishermen to enter the contest. Prizes are awarded in separate categories and for the diver with the most points at the end of the year, the coveted Top Shooter Award.


Caloosa Dive Club
Spearfishing Competition 2017


Chairman: Ron Anderson
Committee Members
Records Keeper:
Linda Smith
Fundraising Committee: All contestants
Prize Committee:
Ron Anderson & Linda Smith


Spearfishing Contest Rules


43th Annual Caloosa Dive Club






Intra-Club Spear fishing Tournament



Chairman: Ron Anderson


Records Keeper: Linda Smith


Prize Committee: Ron Anderson, Linda Smith


Fundraising Committee: All Contestants



Contest Rules



1. Only members in good standing are eligible to enter. Membership dues must be up to date at the end of the contest.


2. Starting date of the competition is March 25, 2017. Closing date of the competition is September 17, 2017.


3. Current club members wishing to join may do so at any time.


4. Entry fee $45.00


5. Entry fee must be paid prior of contest start date, and fish may be entered in competition until entry fees have been paid.


6. Area includes all of Florida and international waters.


7. SCUBA and Free Diving is allowed in the competition. State &  Federal,  US laws apply.


8. All types of spear guns will be permitted. NO EXPLOSIVE HEADS


9. All fish entered must weigh a minimum of two pounds (2 lbs.). All fish will be weighed in the round (un-gutted). All fish and lobster entered will be weighed on shore. All entries must comply with the rules and laws of the area where caught. Weight will be posted on the scoreboard. Legal lobsters hove NO MINIMUM WEIGHT.


10. Scales used to weigh fish will be calibrated at the beginning of contest. Only APPROVED scales will be used for weigh-ins. All scales MUST BE AFFIXED to a structure so that there is no fluctuation of weight due to unsteadiness. If the weight is a fraction of an ounce, the figure is to be rounded down to the next whole ounce. An approved scale will be available at the Thursday night meetings of the Dive Club. Note: If one is out of town, on vacation, etc., any certified scale (fish house, tackle shop, Publix, etc.) will be accepted if properly witnessed.


If two (2) or more members have the same size fish or lobster in a category, the placement of the fish or lobster. Will be placed on the scoreboard on a “First Come First Serve Basis”.


11. Individuals desiring to enter the competition may do so after joining the club and only fish caught after that date entered in competition after entry fees have been paid may be entered.


12. Grievances must be brought to the attention of the competition chairman. The chairman will then present grievances to the members of spear fishing committee for decision.


13. The scoreboard will be maintained by the Records Keeper. The scoreboard will be closed at the end of the regular dive club meeting, August 18, 2016. After August 18, 2016, only the records keeper shall know who is in what position on the scoreboard until the Awards Banquet.


14. The Awards Banquet will be held on October 15, 2016.


15. There will be eleven (11) categories:


1. Grouper Local   7. Lobster Local


2. Grouper Open   8. Lobster Open


3. Snapper Local   9. “Club Sponsored Dive” fish


4. Snapper Open   10. Miscellaneous Large Open/Local


5. Hogfish Local    11. Red Grouper – open/local


6. Hogfish Open                      


16. There will a prize given to first, second and third places in each category. A shooter may only hold one place.  If a shooter is in more than one place the next shooter will get the next descending place. The top three fish will still count for the top shooter even if all three fish are from the same shooter.


17. There will be a drawing from all entries turned in for legal fish or lobster at the Banquet.


18. Top Shooter will be determined by the total points accumulated. Points system will be: 1st place- 3pts, 2nd place- 2pts, and 3rd place- 1pts. Per each category.


19. Top Shooter will be awarded 10% of total monies raised or $300.00 which ever is less. I.e. if 2500 is raised= $250.00, if 3500 is raised= $300.00


20. In the event of a tie for Top Shooter, Weight of total fish and lobster placing in the contest will determine the winner.


21. All fish and lobster entered in the competition must be turned in within 15 days of being speared.  All entries must be entered on a Caloosa Dive Club Weight Slip, or reasonable facsimile, and filled out completely with a witness signature, date received by records keeper. The witness can be anyone who witness the weight of fish or lobster and is willing to verify that it is the correct weight. If weight slips are filled out incorrectly they will be returned and must be re-entered before the 15 day deadline. Last day to turn in all entries is September 25, 2016


One (1) weight slip per fish. A single fish entry can only be used in one (1) category.


Red Grouper can only be entered in the “Red Grouper” Category or in the “Club Sponsored Dive” Category and “NOT” in the Grouper Open or Local Categories.


22. Fish that are excluded from competition: Game Fish, Jew Fish or Goliath Grouper, Shark, Mammals, Rays, and Barracuda, in accordance with the laws of the “Local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission“ in that area and in this case the laws, in accordance with the “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission” . Also refer to Rule # 9.


23. Local Area shall include all gulf waters between 26 and 27 degrees north Latitude out to the depth of 95 feet and also including Bay Ronto. The open area includes all other waters.


Caloosa Dive Club Supports All Local Dive Shops