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It has been said that when you live in Florida, you don't really need a dive club. It is true that you can just take your boat into the Gulf or drive to the Keys or the East Coast and find a charter to take you diving.

The benefits of a dive club are many. As a club, there are organized dive charters where the boats are not overcrowded and are filled with members of the dive club. By chartering the entire boat, it is usually possible to negotiate a good price and to help keep costs down.

The meetings help everyone keep in touch and learn about more dive opportunities as well as provide a chance to socialize with other divers. Many area dive shops offer discounts to members of the dive club and all you have to do is show your current membership card.

The Caloosa Dive Club manages to support a very active dive schedule and generally connects members with a dive charter at least once a month or more.

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