Green Committee

Caloosa Dive Club - Green Committee


 Green committee shall promote a culture of environmental awareness thru projects, education and participation with local agencies.

Keep Lee County Beautiful

Keep Lee County Beautiful

Caloosa Dive Club - Adopts Bunche Beach


Adopt A Shore


The primary objective of the countywide Adopt A Shore program is to change attitudes and behavior of the public toward littering Florida’s waterways and shorelines and protecting natural marine resources through the use of volunteer litter removal groups. This objective will be attained by instilling a reinforcement and public recognition of their efforts expressed by signs. The attitude of the general public will be modified by observing groups at work and by seeing cleaner areas and recognition signs.


Keep Lee County Beautiful - Adopt A Shore

Current Groups / Available Beaches

NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

Go Green Tip #101: How to Choose a Responsible SCUBA Diving Operator

Reef Relief Founders


Caloosa Green "Trashy Diver" Recognition

Caloosa Dive Club wishes to recognize and thank it's members for their efforts to keep our beaches and waterways clean and trash free.  Thanks to your efforts, we are making a difference.


Caloosa Green Diver Team


Don Tribeck      Donna Tribeck
Kevin Earle   Jerri Ritz
Al Ritz   Mark Tuscan
Bill Pettinati   Ginny Pettinati
Jeff Kader   Lynn Casey
Barry Donegan   Elida Byard
Terry Wells   David King



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