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Bite Me Fossil Sculptures

 I have had an interest in fossils since purchasing my first Megladon tooth in Key West at a souvenir shop in 1980. It was a goal of mine to pursue that interest when my wife and I moved from the Northwest suburbs of Illinois to Lee County Florida, escaping cold winters.

 My first experience in fossil hunting was in Central Florida, along the beaches of Venice, sifting sand for shark teeth. From there I received my diving certification and was on the quest for large Megalodon teeth buried under twenty-five feet of water.

 A breakthrough came when seasoned fossil hunters directed me to the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida, an area rich with all variety of Florida fossils. I found a deeper passion for fossil hunting when I came across my 'honey hole'. More than twenty-seven species of fossils were unearthed in one spot to include: varieties of shark teeth, Glyptodont (prehistoric armadillo-like mammal, the size of a VW beetle), whale and dolphin teeth, vertebrates, saber-toothed tiger and more. As a greenhorn, I was finding large amounts of fossils and began to share my adventures with other novice fossil hunters. This led to the beginning of long lasting friendships. My hobby set in motion the decision in 2014 to kickoff: “Fossil Recovery Expedition”, a guide service for initiate fossil hunters.

 Years of fossil hunting had resulted in a box of broken fragmented shark teeth that I did not know what to do with. Younger days held an interest in art sculpture, using a variety of media: metal, ceramics, wood, and papier-mâché. I now felt challenged to make a shark sculpture using these broken shark teeth. I have seen other fossil enthusiasts take shark teeth and place them in a frame to create an outline of a shark. I wanted to take it a step further. The 3-D model of a shark, made of Megladon and other shark teeth fossil species, came to be. I was excited at the end result, maybe the first of its kind! I call this premier in a series of sculptures: “Mega Mouth”. I continue to sculpt within the same format, while staying in the shark and sea theme. Custom sculptures are likewise considered.

 Thank you for sharing my journey~

Robert N. Macomber


Robert N. Macomber is an award-winning author, internationally acclaimed lecturer, former defense consultant, and an accomplished seaman. His reputation for historical detail, page-turning plots, helpful maps, extensive bibliographies, and educational endnotes creates eager readers and listeners alike.

Whether aboard the most elegant of ships like the Queen Mary II as “Guest Author” or being a “Distinguished Lecturer” at U.S. Southern Command, the Office of Naval Intelligence and NATO, Mr. Macomber tantalizes audiences with historical facts and literary lore.


Best known for the Honor Series, Robert N. Macomber’s popular maritime thrillers describe the life and career of his protagonist, a U.S. naval officer, Peter Wake, from the Civil War in Florida to the Great White Fleet in 1908.

Through these novels, Mr. Macomber illuminates significant events of world history, which served as the foundation for the world as we know it today.

Learn more at www.RobertMacomber.com or find him on Facebook.

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