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Social Activities

It's pretty obvious that Caloosa Dive Club's main focus is on Scuba Diving.  We are a Dive Club, that's what we do is Scuba Dive.  However, we are also a full blown Social Club.  We have many non-diving members, lovingly referred to as "Bubble Watchers". Throughout the year we schedule and hold a ton of fun activities in addition to our Dive related trips and activities.  Divers and Bubble Watchers alike, enjoy the opportunity to kick back and have fun out of the water.  As a Member, Honored Guest, or Visitor of the Caloosa Dive Club, you will have the opportunity to join us in any of our scheduled social functions such as:

Canoe Trips
Kayaking with the Manatees
Aquarium and Nature Park Trips
Beach and Reef Cleanup Activities
Boat Show Act ivies
Crab Claw Festival at Lakes Park
Lawn-chair Volley-Ball
Beach Parties
Pool Parties
Toga Parties
Tailgate Parties
Christmas Parties
Awards Banquets
Cardboard Boat Races
Crystal River Snorkeling for Scallops
Softball Games
Silent Actions
Dinners, BBQ''s, Ice Cream Socials,
and so much more.

Do you want to schedule a "Date Night Out", I couldn't recommend a better time then to join us for our monthly dinners.  That's right, every month we schedule a night of Fine Dinning.  Well, maybe not Fine Dinning, but it sure is a Fine Time of fellowship and fun.  Our Dinner Nights include great foods and interesting themes such as:

Chicken Dinners
Mexican Halloween
Vegas Night
Mardi Gras Celebration
Italian Toga Night
Masquerade Dinner
Chilli Cook-Off
Ham  Dinner
Fish Fry
Mixed Grill - Bring Your Own Meat
Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Sundaes
And don't miss our Annual Christmas Party meal


Crab Claw 2015 at Lakes Park In Fort Myers

February 28, 2015

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